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Eyelash Growth Liquid | 0.17 OZ Dense Nature Eyelash Growth Mascara For Women | Repair Nourish Eyebrow Moisturizer Liquid For Lo

Eyelash Growth Liquid | 0.17 OZ Dense Nature Eyelash Growth Mascara For Women | Repair Nourish Eyebrow Moisturizer Liquid For Lo

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Size: Full Size

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Model Number: CPAP Travel Bag | Thicken Ventilator Storage Bag | Protective Handbag

Country/Region of Manufacture: China


Bullet Points:
1、【Strengthen Eyelashes】The Lash Moisturizing Liquid formula works wonders for our fine, fragile lashes, making them look healthier, while boosters will nourish and soften lashes
2、【Curling Eyelashes】Eyelash enhancement liquid provides sufficient nutrition to prolong the life of eyelashes, making eyelashes curl and thicker for a long time. Boosts the darkening of lashes and works wonders on the tiniest of lashes.
3、【Fill the Eyebrows】Eyelash growth Liquid will fill your brows and lash line, and with long-term use, it can make your eyelashes look healthy. worth buying
4、【Farewell to False Eyelashes】Eyelash curling liquid can help us achieve fuller, more dramatic eyelashes, so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable false eyelashes.
5、【Safe Ingredients】Beautiful Lashes Liquid is made with safe ingredients that are safe for use on the lash line and the delicate tissue beneath the brow, so you can buy and use it with confidence
1. Lash curling liquid helps weak lashes grow stronger and healthier with daily use.
2. The eyelash curling liquid can make the eyelashes longer, thicker and curler, and bring the eyelashes back to life.
3. Eyelash curling liquid is suitable for all kinds of people

How to use: Apply nightly to the skin on the upper eyelid edge at the base of the lashes. Using a brush, apply any excess solution beyond the lid edge.
In the morning: as a transparent mascara, use it alone after skincare or base makeup, the eyelashes will continue to be repaired and curled and not easy to collapse
Noon: Make mascara primer, and apply mascara after use to protect eyelashes and reduce damage and fall
Evening: Use as an eyelash care solution in the morning,evening after cleansing, concentrate on maintenance and help growth
The effect is more obvious with consistent use, 1 stick can be used for 30 days, and 3 sticks for a cycle, the effect is better.
Content: 5ml
Product List:
1. Due to the lighting effects and angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
2. Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.
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